KFC Renovation


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A restaurant renovation can be a big step. No one likes an outdated looking space.  Freshening up the look of an establishment on the inside and outside can add a new vibe and inject energy into the space. Renovating your restaurant to keep up with the current trends can help maintain profitability by not only attracting new customers but by keeping loyal customers coming back. 

WCSI worked with the management of a local KFC to have the renovation planned in its entirety prior to closing the doors to customers in order to safely complete the project. The dining area and customer service counter was completely renovated from the top down with new ceiling, walls, fixtures, and floors.  The bathrooms were rebuilt and the kitchen floors removed and replaced. The colour palette remained the same with the KFC brand colours and a fresh coat was applied to brighten up the interior.  As the space was coming together on the inside, the exterior and entrance got an update as well.  

At WCSI, it is our job to provide our clients with a finished space that looks current as well as ensuring that your project is a success from start to finish.