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Lakeside Residence

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Estevan, Saskatchewan


This private residence, reflects sleek, modern desgin through an open floor space and extensive use of industrial mixed materials such as glass, stone, and concrete. The home features multiple entertaining spaces and takes advantage of the view by creating a connection between interior and exterior through large windows and doors which lead to numerous decks and patios. The loft area on the second floor contains the private living spaces but is open to the main living area; achieving a sense of privacy while maintaining a connection to the home and the exterior.

The project not only required evaluating the needs of the client, but also integrating superior construction materials and procedures to accomplish the desired results. The greatest influnece for this home was the location, which can also be considered the project's largest obstacle and achievement. The steep, sloping lot required an innovative approach to construction. The remarkable finished product not only represents quality construction, design and planning, but also an appreciation and awareness of the surounding landscape.

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