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CanEra Energy Renovation

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Estevan, Saskatchewan


CanEra Energy is a progressiviley expanding oil company who needed a fresh look and layout in their newly acquired office building that corresponded with their company profile. WCSI was contracted to provide the design and complete the construction of the renovation based on the initial requests from the owners to include an expanded reception space, additional offices and new finishes that depicted their company logo.

The project required detailed plans for the new office layout as well as coordination of the interior design elements including flooring, paint and millwork. The owners were able to clearly understand our vision and design intentions even before the renovation began. Through the use of rendering software, we were able to provide a realistic image of the entire space before final approval was given for the project to ensure our vision corresponded with their copmany vision.

The result is a floor plan which alllows for a natural flow throughout the space; that is enhanced by the use of modern materials and lighting. The transformation of CanEra's office space began with a wish list of ideas and evolved to render photographic images, budgets, detailed bluprints, materials and ultimately a finished space which successfully represents their company.

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